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June 7, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Ready get set and go!!! Dream on!!!

That’s what how the today’s eventful marathon was flagged off. Just few hours and a lot of events were in store. The entire superdrive team for one last time buckled up their seat belts for a great start. The entire family of the Tata was a part of the superdrive. Almost above 500 invitees were present with their friends and family. Esteemed guest of the Telco and Tata Motors, were a part of today’s grandeur, making the evening even more colorful. Around 100 Nano’s participated in the rally, going all around the city of Jamshedpur, the Telco Plant and beside the Tata motor’s industrial unit. Nano was in its ancestral land today, and its travel in this place seemed like as if a kid has come to his maternal place, getting extra love and care from everybody. Imagine, so many Nano’s going in a queue all round its homeland, the sight was glorious. The event started post lunch at an amusement park called Jubilee Park, and the superdrive celebration that was going on in the park, didn’t seem any less if compared to a jubilee celebration. The participants were so engrossed in the celebration that the amusement park didn’t actually amuse them, and surprisingly the kids and their parents were even actively being a part of all the events, rather than going on the various rides, which were around. The rally was followed by prize distribution ceremony, which were taken care by the esteemed members of the Tata group. There were arrangements for refreshments even for all the guests. Today’s event was a great one, and as it was the last event of this year’s superdrive east route, the added pomp and show made it even brighter. On behalf of the superdrive team, I wanna thank the loving people of Jamshedpur and the entire unit of the Tata’s for making this great day, such a success and for showering the superdrive team with so much of warmth and love. So, now as the day comes to an end, a lot of things ends today, right here, right now! The morning started like a wild breeze, coz there was so much to be done, we hardly had time to breath, but now as it’s all done, to its best, am not here to again complain about my hectic schedule and tiredness, coz the superdrive journey ends here, with today’s night. The very thought of it, that tomorrow morning onwards, we won’t be driving in our Nano’s, makes me sad. Nano is truly a “small wonder” and as its tag line says “ghar le aao, khushiyon ki chaabi”, was proved, when we went from one point to the other. Through this journey that we made, we got to know how much people love the car, and today, even I realize my love for the car. In this 21days of superdrive, we have experienced the toughest and the most pleasant times on the roads of India. It has enriched my knowledge about my motherland and my countrymen. Am glad that I could be a part of superdrive, else I do not think I would ever get an opportunity to explore my nation so closely, it has as I had earlier said, already equipped me to accomplish my dream of going around my nation. I had taken few lovely shots of my life on this tour, fashion photography had been my area of interest always,but superdrive has shown me a new area of photography, which I’ll surely nurture now onwards. With tomorrows dawn, we all will part our ways, I will miss a lot of things in superdrive, like climbing on top of our pilot car or the Tata sumo at times, and taking photographs, hanging outside the window during rally and struggling to capture few wonderful shots, meeting new people every day, listening to their stories and perception of life, the meals that we had in the road side dhabas, etc, etc. in short I’ll miss every bit of this superdrive tour. Just few more hours, and it’s a final goodbye to all, but before that, I would like to make a few confessions, I may sound a bit melodramatic, but it’s important. I honestly owe my sincere thanks to superdrive, as this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, the very efficient Shobiz team mates, for being great companions, I’ll miss you all, our event set-up troop, for creating lovely atmosphere, and always fixing the right things and in right place, making my photography meaningful, and to all the citizens of all the cities wherever we have travelled, for touching my life, in your own sweet way, if I ever meet you guys again in life I will definitely pass on a smile. And most important to all the people reading my blog daily, you guys had been my inspiration, who made me improve radically. It has been an honour to be the official blogger for the Tata Nano Superdrive 2 and I was extremely privileged to have readers like you. Last but not the least, my boss Gunjan, who was always there to help me out in any worst situation and give unique ideas to make the blog post more interesting. So, now before stepping into my monotonous, mundane life again, I THANK everybody. I’m just overwhelmed with all the warmth and love you people have given me, I’ll be indebted to you guys, all my life. I convey my regards to everybody, and for the last time, cheer‘s to one and all, for your love and support, on behalf my Superdrive team mates and myself.

The journey in pictures




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  1. Rachana Saha / Jun 8 2011 5:18 pm

    super likey……!!!!

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