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June 6, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Never a dull moment at Superdrive 2

A sudden phone call in the morning created tension among all of us. We all looking at each other with swollen red tired eyes, couldn’t really figure out, what went wrong exactly. The entire situation was hazy to most of us, may be coz we were still half asleep. Then finally after a while, we came to know, that the set-up van yet to reach Patna, it was still stuck in the last night’s heavy traffic on the highway. For a while we thought that the event at Patna had to be delayed, coz an event without the set-up was just impossible. But then the neurons in our brains were suddenly got super charged, we quickly chalked out a magnificent plan, and all got down to work. Hundreds of phone calls from our respective phones, trying out our local contacts; just to make arrangement for the event’s set-up all perfect. One single room, several different voices all talking together, ring-tones of all sorts ringing one after the other, it was an utter chaos. But you know, efforts do not go in vain, finally we warm up our Tata-sumo to go to the place where our set-up van was waiting, thanks to Clive and Rahul who were guiding the rocket on road. It was like the “duck-worth Lewis” situation for us today. We always work as a team and today the team work showed its colour. The local craftsmen were called to create the venue, the electricians were there already. In few hours’ time, the Shamiana was put up, the frames were made, the flex were framed, the sound system were buzzing and the set-up was all ready. It didn’t look that it were a few hours of work; thankfully, we got our skilled technician Samadhanand, our route champ Raja was always there with all of their experiences to guide the laborers who were our savior today. After all this it we were attacked by the first spell of this year’s monsoon at the capital, but luckily the people of Patna, still took active participation in the event. Here too, we found a lot of enthusiastic people, or maybe the Nano charm had boosted up the enthusiasm in them. The kids along with their families took active involvement in the games. The MC had pepped up the crowd by creating a “bhoj-puri” atmosphere, making us realize that, we were standing in the capital of Bihar. The two hours rally, went of smoothly with over 35 Nanos, going all around the city. I was in the pilot car, and thus could capture few real good shots. After coming back to the venue the GM of the Guinea at Patna thanked the customers for their presence. Phew! Finally the event was over; it was a grand success, cheers to my Superdrive2 team. This was our second last destination at this year’s Superdrive2 route east as you can call it a semifinal. We have crossed eight cities and just one more to go. Tomorrow we have to travel for almost 600kms; we’ll be heading to Jamshedpur, which was earlier cancelled due to Bandh. A grand event is waiting for us at Jamshedpur; not only because it’s our last destination, but because it’s the home land of the Tata’s. Our Superdrive2 team is really looking forward to it. So, now as the mid-night clock struck, I guess it time for me to catch a nap. Sleep well and Stay tuned.


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