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June 1, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

A stroll down the streets of Kolkata

Waking up at your own bedroom in the morning is possibly one of the best feelings, and that’s what I felt this morning. Luckily today was a break from the events of superdrive. But, the best part was I got to see my hometown more closely than ever before.

A stroll down the wide streets of Kolkata, having sips of chai in the kullar and the cheapest lunch of at a road side stall, was sometime that was a common phenomenon during college days, but today after years I got to experience the same thing. And I even made my super driveteam mates experience the same, and we all loved it. You always have a soft corner for your home-town, but when I today actually started exploring the city in a different way, I realized that why is it called the “city of joy”.

I never did try to capture shots of my own city life and its people. When today I was travelling across the city, I tried my best to put things into frame, and that gave me a satisfaction of its own kind. It made me realize that this city has enormous life in it, the people out here, has one of the best souls living under the sun. the city looked pretty in always, be it in the morning, when the yellow taxis are all heading towards the airport or stations, be it in the day time, when the red buses are over-crowded with people, or in the afternoon when the coolies are taking a short nap on the grounds of “maidan”, or the youngsters heading towards “park street” for a party in the evening.

The beautiful Victoria Memorial, situated in the heart of the city, is really picturesque, and its light and sound show in the evening, is a hot favorite among the citizens.  The River Hooghly flows at its own pace, but the soft cool breeze that comes from the direction of the “Princep Ghat” or “Babu Ghat”, makes one forget all woes. The two kali temples of the city, “Dhakshineshwar” and “Kalighat”, still have enormous number of devotees at the Goddess’s feet, all gathered there for their own satisfaction. This city still stands proud holding its heritage of the “hand-pull rickshaws”, the “metro rail” but the most important the “tram”. The house of the “Tagore’s”, have become a heritage building now, but it still makes one proud when one visits it. This city has a rich heritage and culture of its own; it hasnatives of all kinds, involved in different activities, all moving in their own momentum, in short making one feel, that you are truly in a “metro”.

Just a week left for me in superdrive; but it has made me realize that I reside with the most charming people of the earth, on the most beautiful land. You know, things might look beautiful or ugly from a distance, coz we always tend to believe what people say, without even thinking once for ourselves. But, now that am taking a close look at everything and traveling, I feel happy, coz am getting to know that my land is so colorful.

I want to gather an even richer experience of my hometown and my motherland, so this exploration will just go on. And if you are willing to contribute to our experience, we’ll be happy to see you at the “south city mall” on the evening of 1st June, where our event is due.

Till then I’ll keep you all posted with my beautiful experience. Stay tuned.



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  1. Rachana Saha / Jun 2 2011 2:19 pm

    the “Kolkata West” gate looks lovely………nice shot!

  2. rachana19 / Jun 2 2011 2:21 pm

    he “Kolkata West” gate looks lovely………nice shot!

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