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May 30, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Super Drive entered The City of Joy-Kolkata

Early morning  the birds were chirping, the sun had just risen, the sky was orangish –blue in color, few people going for work, some returning from work, the smoke at a road-side tea stall was just lit, the municipality workers all set to perform their morning chores, and we left Durgapur.  The soft breeze and coolness of the morning made me feel light, I could smell the wetness of the soil, and I was happy, coz I was heading to my hometown, “the city of joy”, Kolkata.

The Durgapur-Kolkata highway had one of the smoothest roads; a straight 3 hours drive and we had covered a distance of 250kms, I guess our record in superdrive. I was watching the beautiful tall trees, the lush green agricultural lands, and trying to capture the best shots, just when we halted to grab a bite. We stopped at a place called “shaktighar”, which is famous for a particular type of Bengalisweet called “Lancha”, two of my super driveteam mates, who were from Mumbai, just couldn’t believe the size of the sweet, as it was huge. They were still trying to digest what they had just seen, and we already stuck in a traffic jam. Out of curiosity we all took a close look with our sleepy eyes, and we were surprised to know that we had already reached Kolkata.

It was a Sunday morning in the capital and Sundays are always special, the roads were empty, but the markets areas, the sweet shops, the Boucher shops were immensely crowded, as Sundays are like festival time for the Bongs all-round the year. This is the first time we are in a metro city and as usual the Super Drive Nanos attract the mass attention very easily. Every junction we stopped we saw people pointing out and talking about the Nanos. Someone even wanted a test drive. We invited them to the nano activity we are doing in Kolkata. All these actually made me believe that at last I’m back to my home town. Its late afternoon and after finishing all the official works finally I’m back home. I can’t believe that am actually at home, sitting in my bedroom. My delicious lunch by mom, has already intoxicated me, it had made me forget the world that am living in.

I just got me a plate of mangoes and litchis, I just can’t wait to finish them, and so I’ll keep you guys updated later. Our superdrive event will be happening in two days time, so you guys can chill for while. But do catch us at the most happening mall of Kolkata, “South City Mall” on Wednesday evening. Enormous amount of joy, fun filled events, rally across the city, exciting hampers are waiting your way, so the superdrive team hopes to see you’ll soon at the venue.



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  1. Rachana Saha / May 30 2011 7:36 pm

    finally at kolkata……..

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