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May 30, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Beautiful Nano stories revolve around Durgapur

After the nostalgic night yesterday, the morning sun today gave birth to a lot of new hopes. The brightness of the sun, made everything around us gleaming. Right from the flag-off in the morning, to the games, to the rally, everything had a charm in it, which just kept adding to the day’s brightness. When you have a lot of children in the swarm, they just make the air around you more cheerful. They were ones actively participating in all the games and events, and making it a point that, their parents and other elders even take chip in with them.

All happy and merry making was going on at the venue, when even Mother Nature thought of contributing to it, by making the world cooler. An hour of heavy downpour helped the mercury scale drop, bringing a smile in everybody’s face. Then was the best part of the day, the rally. All were eagerly waiting for it, and when 35 Nano cars were ready for the superdrive cavalcade, there was a magic of happiness in the participants eyes. The steel city really had an amiable people present with us today, hearing them; one could feel the real love and passion for the car.

Every middle class Indian’s dream of owning a car of their own, and now one can actually live that dream, coz Mr. Ratan Tata innovation of the “small wonder” has made this dream into reality…… all the beautiful Nano stories told today, revolved around this. A young florist guy, from a lower middle class family, delivered flowers on his bicycle, then of recently he bought a bike to make his delivery process faster, but now he own a Nano…..not only for convenience, but as a status symbol. And he takes pride in that. Another young guy, who had saved up his pocket money just to own a Nano, has actually turned the “small wonder” into a “hi-tech wonder car”; he has modified the car to such an extreme that it is actually became anexecutive luxury version of Nano. It was really awesome. Any car designer could take inspiration from him. Bollywood numbers are very famous among Indians, and today we got to hear a parody of one such number, just dedicated to Nano. It was fun hearing that and the Punjabi guy really sings well. Oyepaji, Chak De Phatte.

I wanted to enjoy the flavors of the city, and I actually got the taste of it. It was one of the most cheerful days in super drive, thanks to the people of Durgapur for making this event joyous for us.

Tomorrow, we’ll be heading to the “city of joy”, Kolkata. I’ll be in my home town, most important, will be going home…..aaahhhhh….the very thought of it, is making me smile. The style and content of Kolkata Culture are a bit of an addiction.

My super drive champ’s staring at me, he thinks that I have gone crazy, smiling to myself. So, I’ll keep you updated from Kolkata, till then good night.

The Flag off :


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