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May 26, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Superdrive’s Approaching towards Asansol

Travelling almost 300kms in the desiccated summer heat was honestly an exhausting journey today. Crossing the border of Jharkhand and entering my very own state, after a long time, gave me a homely feeling. I could see the bill-boards, posters, and graffiti’s on the walls;all written in my mother tongue, and that really gave me a different feeling of happiness. Today we are here at Asansol, it’s a one of the big cities of West Bengal, huge population, wide lit roads, many shopping  complexes, busy market areas and most important, extremely hot.

Temperatures were boiling outside, when our superdrive cars were on the highway.  The flag-off in the morning happened at the dealership at Ranchi, Basudev Auto Ltd. NH23 is a brilliant highway, with just straight roads for long stretches. The drive was superb, but the heat outside drove us crazy.

It was a long 8 hrs. journey, the heat was just enough to dehydrate us all; we all drank like barrels of water, to beat the heat. And like always, soon after entering Asansol, our 1st destination was the dealership. On giving our superdrive cars, we headed towards the venue. And to our surprise, it’s a lovely park this time. Ample open space, lots of greenery around and a lake flowing beside, the venue has been ideally chosen, it will be very pleasant for the evening events tomorrow. But, the best part is, it’s very close to the hotel, where we are put up, just walking distance. We were just exploring the place

It’s almost 12 in the mid-night, the set up workers are doing their last minute touch-ups. It’s really nice to watch them, how they do their every bit in the best possible way, just to make superdrive even more perfect. I honestly came here, just to breath in some fresh air and feel the coolness of the night breeze. But after coming here I realize that our mother nature is beautiful even in the darkness.  Along with the nature, am even enjoying watching the men at work, the way they are performing their task, is worth capturing. The moment is appropriate for the stop motion photography. It’s good to see how a setup is being built from scratch. The heat has already drained out all the energy within us; we really need glucose to charge our cells. Nothing other than my bed is coming in my vision now, so am off to bed. Be geared up for new fun and excitement, new updates from the city of Asansol. Stay tuned


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