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May 20, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

The Colours of Bhubaneshwar

Morning shows the day.

An event full day, filled with fun, excitement and rich occurrence.

Flag-offs at three different locations by three different people, Rally throughout the City, cool events and people gathering and sharing their Nano experience with each other made this day significant.

One thing I realized that is, Nano really has a unique magnetism. Does not matter what car one is already driving or from which socio-economic background one comes from; if a Nano shows off around, one would surely turn his head to have a glimpse.

All passionate Nano fans, from varied age group made the rally a crazy one. Around 30 Nano of various colors, when travelled across the capital, made Bhubaneswar look like a multihued city.

Every time I spoke to a Nano owner a new story unfolds, and each story is just so unusual from the other. It feels that one has lived in all the stories. It’s so mesmerizing; though we have spent only a day there I am sure that it just doesn’t end here, the journey still continues.

We now move ahead to explore the Mahanadi delta of Cuttack, to hear more of the “small wonder stories”, travel around to see what makes Nano, a real wonder car.

The journey in pictures:
Wada, samosha and Ghugni: Orrisa Chat.

After a tiring rally when one can cool oneself with a splash of water….then why not a splash on this acquaintance, which is helping one to travel around.

Dreaming high…
If you’re doing something new you’ve got to have a vision. You’ve got to have a perspective. You’ve got to have some magic wonder you’re aiming for, and you just believe somehow you’ll get that, which kinda gets to the passion point.
The sparkle in the eyes was ignorable. The expression of the bright face was prominent.

.Nano goes on Air.
BIG FM Bites.

6 & 7. Nano Show Down at Bharat Motors, Bhubaneswar.

Stay Tuned…!!!


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  1. Rachana Saha / May 20 2011 4:45 pm

    The chat picture is really great……..nice click!!!! 🙂

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