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May 20, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Small wonders conquer Mahanadi delta.

Yesterday was a very hectic day, late meals, late night sleep, so today morning when I woke up at 6am, I felt that there should have been more than 24hours in a day, so that I could sleep for some more time. My eyes were red, engulfed by slumber when I walked to the parking lot, but then the dazzling morning sun and the charming people and their smiles, made my morning beautiful and we were all ready for the Nano SuperDrive Day 3.

At around 8:30am, the Flag-off happened from The Tata Dealer ACE Autocar, situated on the NH-5. The establishment looked stunning, with the reflection of the sun on its glass façade. We then headed towards Sarala Bhavan, where today’s event was suppose to occur. The sunlight made the tar roads shine like black pearl; I was observing the morning beauty.  It was only few minutes’ drive to our destination. Last minute work was going on at Sarala Bhavan; people were trying their best to complete the arrangements for the event, there was a lot of hustle around. In between that I took out my camera, trying to capture few things into the frame. Time just flew, in between I opened my laptop, updated my facebook status, chatted with a few friends online and it was already lunch time. Today’s menu was great, I had lunch in the “babumoshai” style aka proper bong style, it was heaven, am still salivating thinking about it.

It was already 3pm, people started coming in the venue. There were toddlers to really old people, meeting new faces, watching children play, people participating in events, chatting with folks, capturing and clicking some exciting moments, just added to the aura of the carnival. There was a lot of pomp and show around, making the evening more colorful. It was almost 4pm, time for the rally.

The dealers had called all the Nano owners of Cuttack. There were about 30 Nano cars of vivid colour all set for the procession. It was the splendid view. All the cars were decorated to its best. But there was one Nano, just standing out in the crowd, which was owned by a 25 years old young Man called Dipu, it was his first buy ever, and he took pride in it. He had decorated his car with all the available flowers in the city, and made sure that it shouldn’t look less beautiful than any newlywed bride. It was an almost 120 minutes rally across Cuttack; we went all around the city, on all the possible roads.30 Nano cars going in a queue, it just made the Mahanadi delta look like a city of “small wonders”. People on the streets couldn’t just rotate their heads to spot something else, coz this sight was indeed picturesque. After the 2 hours rally, we were back to Sarala Bhavan!

It was another long day, but it was fun to talk to different people, listen to their Nano stories, why somebody prefer Nano over any other car, what makes them proud to own their “khushiyon ki chaabi”.  Tata Nano Superdrive 2 reveals the people’s view of the Tata Nano as an affordable safe car, which was truly evident from the conversations I had.

I now feel that I am truly exploring my motherland, coz my fellow countrymen are showing rather narrating me the story of real India. And today in the midst of nowhere, in the swarm I found an old friend after 6 years, and then I really felt that I should thank Nano superdrive for this precious moment, I was over-whelmed.

Already past midnight, tomorrow we have to cover 320 kms on road. It’s going to be our first long drive in this superdrive2. The ‘Superdrive’ branded Tata Nano’s will be absolute traffic-stoppers as they visit different locations in the city.  The Nano Superdrive 2 will now proceed to the next destination, Rourkela to spread happiness. Am looking forward to explore the steel city and whatever comes on our way. Am sure it going to be a lot more fun there too. So now I need snore, coz tomorrow early morning I have to fasten my seat-belt and get ready for more thrill, excitement and new discoveries and a lot more of Nano stories.

The journey thus continues; see you tomorrow at the steel city. Stay Tuned…!!!



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  1. Suchendu Subudhi / May 22 2011 1:52 pm

    Hi Dipajan,
    Missing your blog & photos of Satkosia / along the Mahanadi photos.
    Please write about the performance of cars also as much as the reactions / comments from the onlookers or nano owners you met. Hawaa ke sath sath, nano ke sang sang!

    Best regards

  2. Shrinidhi Hande / May 24 2011 3:35 pm

    Good work.. best wishes to superdrive2

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