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May 18, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Second Day of Living the Dream: Super Drive 2

Mornings are a great time for work, since they tend to be calm and uninterrupted. I opened my laptop and signed in to ymail and bang! The day starts. The second day of the Nano Super Drive2. I realized that waking up early allows you to actually munch on yummy breakfast.

As we checked out from the hotel and come to the parking, to load our luggage on the pilot car we instantly felt one thing… the scorching summer heat. It was only 8.30 in the morning, but the temperature was soaring up the mercury scale, making us sweat like animals.

We started from Bhubaneswar with flag off from Mr. Debasis Nair, GM operation of Swapna motors and Mr. Sandeep Bhattacharya, Nano ASM. They wished us luck and safe journey!

The customized Nanos were on road, wheels were rolling towards Cuttack and as usual the heat becoming intense. Thanks to the powerful ac inside the car, enough to battle against the heat outside, I felt that Mr. Ratan Tata has instructed his Nano team well; or rather visualized the future so well while designing and developing the Nano to make it a true small wonder. I being a transportation designer felt the importance of the minute design brief like never before.

We were approaching towards Cuttack on a beautiful Highway. Listing to the music and revised today’s plan in mind. Meanwhile you have to be alert also, you just can’t doze off or enjoy the beauty outside, you need to keep an ear open for your phone, coz your dear phone might ring anytime for its Gunjan on the other side calling, enquiring about the write ups, photographs and blog feedback.

A nice 1 hr. journey on the NH 5, till we reached the Tata dealer Ace Autocar. It’s quite a new establishment. Huge building covered with anti-reflective glass beside NH 5, made it outstanding when compared to the other architectural buildings in its radius. Any glass façade makes the building features fine-looking, and this too wasn’t any exception.

We stopped there for a primary discussion for tomorrow’s activity. We talked over the route maps, the general agenda in Cuttack, how to make this event more successful etc. etc. They are planning to invite the famous Orriya actress Devjani also in the event which will indeed boost the energy among the people present in the carnival.

We spoke to Mr. Sujeet Chakroborty the General Manager of Ace Autocar.

A funny thing happened there. Initially he was conversing in English so obviously we were responding in English only. Then he started conversing in Hindi, but when we replied back in Hindi he started talking in Bengali so we also came to Bengali, but then he again started talking in English. It was like as if we were participating in a language marathon, different phonetics kept echoing in our ears for a long time.

Thank god he didn’t start in Oriya. Else we had to behave like Eliza of “my fair lady”, trying to grasp phonetics.

On 18th the activity is happening at Sarala Bhavan in Cuttack. It’s an indoor auditorium with ample space for the day & evening activity. A temporary set up is being build there. Raja gave a quick check whether things were heading in the right direction and again briefing them as to what is to be done and what to be set up where. In the mean while I was trying to capture something interesting in my sweaty t-shirts.

At last we reached the Hotel…. Oh how could I forget the lizard story? As I told you, we were tired, hungry like a dog, burnt like sepia, waiting to check in. Raja even managed to get a four bedded room. Clive entered the room just to see and come out like a space rocket. He had seen some scary alien in the room. And guess, which alien was it…. A lizard on the wall. As it will engulf him then and there. So he denied staying in the room. That room was bliss in disguise, we tried to convince him but our efforts went futile. So the hunt began, we were on the roads again looking for a hotel. Anyway at last we did get a room in a hotel, and trust me, it was bliss. We then finally settled down and when we finished our lunch, it was dusk already. Now my head is aching badly. It could blast any time. So for the safety of my laptop screen let me stop here.

See you tomorrow with new stories and new excitements. Stay tuned…!!!


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  1. Vaibhav Dhakate / Jun 15 2011 6:26 pm

    Caught these mini machines while I was driving with my friends to Daman. On the way, these cars were performing a good footwork. Loved it a lot.

    (SWIFT 0027)

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